Running of the Bulls Balcony

This is a third level offering views from the very middle of Calle Estafeta. Calle Estafeta is the longest stage of the run at 300 meters in length and is the most famous street boasting exceptional views.  This particular balcony allows you to view the bulls turning the Mercaderes corner from a distance and see them charge up Estafeta all the way to the bullring

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An Afternoon of Fiesta

Celebrating San Fermín as a local makes all the difference. Discover secret corners and rituals of passage or information on what, where and when, as well as food and food in particular. There are many events that have been organized by the community over the centuries: discover, for example, where the marching band stops to take a role. Discover how and where to run with the bulls. Put on your shoes and get ready to be enchanted by some of Pamplona's highlights at parties.


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1 Night Accommodation





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